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Free Training Sessions


Monday sessions - a continuous run designed to build endurance:

  • 6am-6.30am - Beginners

  • 6am-6.45am - Intermediate and Advanced

Location: Vision PT Mosman, 928 Military Rd Mosman

Wednesday sessions - an interval session designed to build speed:

  • 6am-6.45am - All groups

Location: Vision PT Mosman, 928 Military Rd Mosman

Thursday sessions - a continuous run designed to build endurance:

  • 9am-9.30am - All groups

Location: Mosman Public School main entrance, 27 Belmont Rd Mosman

*The beginner group caters for people new to running who aren't comfortable running continuously for 30 mins. 

Call 9968 3344 or email Joe Sprange at to register for these sessions.

Training Tips

Check out our training tips from Joe Sprange from Vision Personal Training Mosman.


Joe's Tips - 12 with a Spare


1. The Mini-Mos is a FUN run so have fun! Train with colleagues, family and friends.  If you're just starting out, run for 5 mins and walk for 1 min and build from there. If you are training to beat your time from last year, come along to one of our Free Vision Training Sessions for Mini-Mos competitors. Just check out the time that’s right for you here.  All fitness levels are welcome!


2. Enter the Mini-Mos early.  Stick your confirmation on the fridge to remind yourself of your goal.


3. Plan your training. A plan always improves the chances of success. Train for the distance first, then for speed. Progress yourself up to the race distance slowly.


4. Go long, go slow, go fast.  Your program needs to include long, slow distance and speed work. If you need help, talk to the team at Vision Personal Training Mosman.


5. Protect yourself.  Don’t increase your training by more than 10% a week. It will protect you from injury.


6. Listen to your body.  If you do get an injury, stop training before it gets worse. Seek professional advise from SquareOne Physiotherapy and understand why if happened before you starting training again.


7. You need to fuel yourself with premium fuel. Good fuel = good performance.  Fuelling for weight loss and athletic performance is different. If you are training for longer than 60 minutes you will need to adjust your food intake before, during and after your training sessions.  To find out more ask us at training this week.


8. Stretch it out.  Always allocated 10% of your workout time to stretching. 


9. Burn baby burn.  Running will burn more calories than swimming or biking if it is done at the same intensity.


10. Just (Don’t) Do it.  Remember recovery is just as important as training.  If you don’t recover from your workouts properly, you might not do as well.  Days off are when you when you adapt to that workload from the workout and get faster, stronger and become a better runner.


11. Get ready the night before race day.  Pin your bib the night before and make sure you all your gear is ready, this will help reduce pre-race nerves, and don’t forget to do a good warm up.


12. Last minute tips.  On race day, if you’re doing the 10km take it easy in the first 5km. There are a lot of hills in the back half of the course.  The Team from Vision Personal training Mosman will be pacing for 45min, 50min, 60min, so look out for them.  If you’re doing the 5km or the 2km don’t forget to smile and wave to your supporters; it is scientifically proven to help you run faster!  Good luck!


Spare - Run to a Beat. Sometimes it’s tough to push ourselves to maintain a challenging pace. When this happens, let the music do the work. Apps like RockMyRun, TempoRun ,and PaceDJ provide a beat that will keep you moving fast by sorting your music library by tempo. Songza’s 90 BPM Hip Hop Running Mix will keep you moving, too.


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