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The Mini-Mos Fun Run and Fair is committed to becoming a more sustainable event and we would love your help.​​ Thank you  to all our great sponsors and stalls who are helping us with our goal. 

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Thanks to Mosman Council we have portable water units at the end of the race. 

Please bring your own water bottles. 

Portable Water Units.jpg

Water on the course will be handed out in recyclable cups.

No balloons or plastic straws at the event


Please recycle your rubbish. Cans / drink bottles / cartons need to be placed in our Purple Return & Earn bins.


Our coffee carts will give a discount if you bring your
keep cup.

We encourage race registrants and fair riders to bring their eTickets on their phones, rather than print them

We are providing digital 
race maps and fair map to reduce the need for paper maps

We will continue to improve our environmental sustainability

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