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Road Access & Parking

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this annual community event. Due to the race using certain roads, we encourage you to cycle, walk or take public transport to the event. For public transport details click here.


You can find all course maps and race start times here. Race course notification signs are posted and residents are notified at least two weeks in advance of the race.


Details on race road usage and parking recommendations are listed below.


Road Access & Delays


Vehicles on Middle Head Rd and Bradleys Head Rd may experience some delays from approx 7.05am to 7.35am, and again from approx 8.15am to 8.35am.


In addition to the possibility of delays along the routes as runners pass, there are some specific road access restrictions:


  • From 6:00am until approx 8:45am access to Prince Albert St may be restricted and there may be disruptions to residents in surrounding streets.

  • From 6:00am until 10:30am Gouldsbury St, Myahgah Rd, The Crescent and Belmont Rd from Cowles Rd to Gladstone Rd will have very restricted access.

  • There may be disruptions to residents in Harbour St, Vista St and Art Gallery Way from 8:15am to 10:15am for the duration of the 5km and 2km events.



There will be limited street parking around Mosman Public School. The best option for parking is at the various council car parks as indicated on the Mosman Council website. For parking details click here.


Please comply with all conditions of entry into Council’s “Pay & Display” car parks, as parking regulations will be enforced.


Note that Vista Street and Bridgepoint car parks are opened at 5.30am by building management, Bridgepoint car park has no time restriction on Sundays, and Vista Street car park has time restrictions between 7am and 6pm. 

Limited street parking

See the Mosman Council website to find the closest council carparks.

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