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2024 Registration Information


Read the information below, then press REGISTER NOW on the left to complete your registration. 

This year, you can:


1. Register an INDIVIDUAL (or individuals) in any race (some age restrictions apply - see below)

2. Register in the 5KM PARENT/CHILD TEAM CHALLENGE – a two-person parent/child team (e.g. Mother/Daughter, Father/Son)

3. Register 3 or more individuals in a single transaction (does not include Accompanying Adults) and GET 10% OFF your registration fees



The 2KM RACE is only open to children 13 years and under, however you may accompany your child by purchasing an Accompanying Adult bib. 

First register your child, then during their registration, select “Accompanying Adult” as an Optional extra. You do not need a separate registration for yourself to accompany a minor and your bib will not be timed.

If you will be accompanying a child in a stroller, please register the child first (even kids in strollers need to be registered for insurance purposes) and purchase your accompanying adult bib as outlined above. You will be required to start in the last wave of participants if you are with a stroller.



To register in the 5KM PARENT/CHILD TEAM CHALLENGE and compete against other Parent/Child teams, register the first participant, create a team and a team name, then add the second person to the team.

Kids entering this event will need to be 8 years old by 16 June 2024.

The Mini-Mos follows Athletics Australia guidelines for race participation, as follows;
     2km: open to participants of all ages (timed bibs for kids < 13 yrs)
     5km: open to participants 8 years and over
    10km: open to participants 10 years and over

Start times are:

7.00am - 10km race start

8.15am - 5km race start

9.30am - 2km race start

Please contact with any questions.

Registration Fees


Early bird - $34

Standard – $40

Acc Adult – $28


Early bird - $49

Standard – $60


Early bird - $59

Standard – $70

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