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Kids Giving Back

Founded in 2012, Kids Giving Back is a not-for-profit organisation that provides volunteering opportunities for children, teens, families, and corporate groups across NSW. 


Since our inception we’ve empowered our volunteers to prepare over 263,000 meals for the homeless and vulnerable communities.

We believe there’s no substitute for volunteering. It helps young people cultivate empathy, respect, resilience and leadership skills – and connect with their wider community. Kids Giving Back has a triple impact which benefits volunteers, individuals in need and the community as a whole. It gives children the opportunity to change other people’s lives… and their own. 


When we empower children to help others, they ultimately gain as much as they give. Sometimes even more.

That’s why we do what we do at Kids Giving Back.


Today, we’re a flourishing organisation – with more than 99 charity partners and a wide range of volunteering opportunities on offer. 

We’ve had over 53,000 participants take part in our programs. But unfortunately, the demand for assistance in our community has never been higher. We receive many calls per week from our charity partners, requesting meals and basic essentials.

Help us continue to make a difference in other people’s lives!

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